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Let’s solve N

Human activity damages the environment of Earth every day. Deforestation, freshwater pollution, scarcity of freshwater, oil drilling and fracking pose a threat to the delicate balance needed to maintain life. Nature is valuable, yet vulnerable. We must ensure that our planet remains habitable for future generations. If not for us, then for our children and successors.

We have formed this initiative with researchers and supporters around the world to solve the equations surrounding nature (=N). Having an understanding of N will enable us to ultimately resolve climate change, freshwater, deforestation, and other sustainability issues. To fully address the environmental issues we are facing, we have to understand the interconnected relationships between all organisms and the complexity of nature.

The number of variables and unknowns involved in solving N requires the development of machines capable of solving the most complex computations. In particular, emerging nature-inspired computational methods (physics and bioinspired) are considered promising for creating such machines.

Join our initiative to solve N. Towards a better future.