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FPGA Development

An FPGA (Field Programmable Gate Array) consists of a silicon chip that integrates memory, logic gates, and other processing elements. They are extremely popular for their speed, flexibility, and space savings in applications such as video processing, network interfaces, and digital communications. FPGAs process data in parallel at hardware speeds, compared to a microprocessor that processes data serially using software. This gives FPGAs the ability to do things that a microprocessor cannot do, such as Software Defined Radio and other very high-speed operations.

FPGAs have revolutionised digital circuit design and embedded systems circuit design with programmable architecture, high density, and high speed. What used to take an entire circuit board can be put on a single chip, even in low volume production. IP (Intellectual Property) is available for a wide variety of functions that can be put on the FPGAs, including microprocessors, filters, phase-locked loops, and hundreds of other functions, saving a lot of time in development. We have the knowledge and experience to use these capabilities and provide our customers with production-quality register transfer level (RTL) code up to turnkey solutions and bitstreams.

Range of Implementations

  • Cryptography
  • Video imaging
  • Military technologies, including missile guidance systems
  • Automotive computing
  • Aerospace applications
  • Search engine algorithms
  • Networking and Data-Center management
  • Signal processing
  • Medical devices
  • High-speed memory interfaces
  • Digital communications systems

FPGA Prototyping Services

Get an FPGA-based prototyping solution designed and deployed that will align with your specifications. Avoid costly device re-spins and improve the time-to-market by testing your proof-of-concept applications on various development boards. This is why prototyping is one of the most important FPGA design services that we offer.  Your final hardware FPGA design will be a great fit for your project.

IP-Core Design Services

Get an IP-core design that will make your product stand out. You can trust that our team will design a versatile IP core that fits on most FPGAs.

Our FPGA design team are experts in the AMBA AXI protocol, which ensures that your custom FPGA design will meet top industry standards.

  • AXI4 master/slave full
  • AXI4-lite
  • AXI4 stream Master/slave

Embedded FPGA Design Services

  • Working with low-level bare metal and embedded OS, e.g. PetaLinux, Free RTOS.
  • Spanning a variety of Processor Families, like ST Micro STM32, Microchip PIC
  • Versed in a diverse range of Network protocols:  Modbus TCP/RTU, UDP, TCP/IP, DHCP
  • Wireless protocols like Wi-Fi and Bluetooth wireless technology
  • Experience with various Communication buses such as UART, SPI, I2C, CAN, MODBUS, PCIe, USB UVC
  • Multiprocessor design approach for real-time applications on multi-threaded or multi-processor systems
  • Low-latency and low voltage designs for video processing solutions

Technology Migration

You can trust our FPGA engineering expertise that we have around individual FPGA architectures and their technologies.

Providing you with a versatile range of Intel and Xilinx FPGA architectures, varying from the cost-optimized Cyclone V to the acceleration platform Ultrascale+.

Discover the best migration solution suited to your every requirement. You can expect extensive support regardless of customizations and required updates.

In the end, the customized FPGA design services that you will receive will meet your unique project requirements. Success is inevitable.

Hardware-Specific FPGA Design Services

In addition to fully integrated FPGA based prototyping solutions, you will find that we offer specialized standalone FPGA based hardware design services, which include a multitude of interfaces and technologies.

Our FPGA design engineers will provide you with a partnership that offers flexible, well-structured and versatile solutions catered to your requirements. Our engineering and FPGA design services team will have your back!

We will create any additional custom interfaces, processes and architectures, without limits. Our structure allows us to focus on meeting your design needs in an adaptable, yet new manner, offering FPGA solutions that will match with your product development.